My review of the Dardick Model 1500 handgun – a magazine-fed revolver

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SHORT FUNCTION DEMO VIDEO: Sorry for the length on this one, guys. There’s a lot to go over, and I trimmed it down where I could! If you’re short on time, take a look at my text review on my favorite gun forum, The Firing Range: The Dardick 1500 is one of the most bizarre modern guns I’ve come across, and with only 40-50 having been made, I feel very lucky to own one. The gun was based on an interesting open chamber system, allowing it to use both a revolving cylinder AND a magazine – yes, it’s a magazine fed revolver! To facilitate this, special ammo called trounds (triangle + rounds) were developed. While I like the open chamber concept in principle, the Dardick handguns were plagued with problems. They were finicky and unreliable, somewhat poorly made, and expensive. I honestly can’t think of anything they do better than a decent semi-auto of the era. There were usability problems, too, and in the end, the company closed up shop after just a year of production (and 11 years of R&D!). Eventually, I’ll do what I can to make a shooting video, so please subscribe and keep an eye out for that.


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