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This HD video of the Glock 32 includes several shooting segments (including POV) and a brief tabletop review. There is also footage showing the case support in the G32 barrel. The G32 is the compact Glock model for .357 SIG, a caliber designed to replicate .357 Magnum short barrel revolver performance in a semiautomatic handgun. Typical .357 SIG velocities are 1350 fps for 125 grain ammo and 1250 fps for 140 and 147 grain loads. The .357 SIG is often referred to as a “9mm magnum”. My perceived recoil places it between a 9mm +P and moderate to hot .40 S&W load, which should be in the comfort zone for experienced shooters. I believe that .357 SIG recoil is manageable with good accuracy if proper techniques are utilized. The .357 SIG cartridge, released in 1994, was a collaborative project between Sig Sauer and Federal Cartridge. Compared to other “service calibers”, the .357 SIG has a small but loyal consumer following in addition to being adopted by several law enforcement agencies in the US, both at the state and federal level. The .357 SIG is currently used by the US Secret Service and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. This Glock 32 will be used for testing of .357 SIG JHP ammo in a ballistic gel format. As of the upload date of this video, there are very few ballistic gel tests online for .357 SIG. GLOCK 32 SPECS: Barrel length: 4.02″ Magazine capacity: 13 rounds Weight: 21.5 oz without magazine Length: 6.85″ Height: 5″ Width: 1.18″ RTF “rough texture frame” Also compatible


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