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A sneak peak at the pistol that may change the pistol market forever, just as the Glock did nearly 30 years ago. The Strike One has attributes that appear to…

Two barrels, one handgun. The AF2011-A1 DOUBLE BARREL PISTOL is one beautiful 1911 with a twist. A big twist. Definitely the most talked about new gun at Sho…

Longer alternate title: Full Shooting Review of the Arsenal/K-Var Bulgarian Krinkov 5.56x45mm Pistol. This is the first ever 5.56x45mmm chambering of a Krinkov style pistol. Full written and illustrated review can be found at HausofGuns.com Facebook.com Twitter.com Instagram @HausofGuns

This is part 2 of 2 of a video review of the Zastava EZ9 pistol. It is a full size Alloy framed 9MM pistol, being imported from Serbia by EAA. The pistol is used by the Serbian military and Police. Links below: Arsenal is now selling the EZ9 full size www.cheaperthandirt.com Compact www.cheaperthandirt.com Magazines www.cheaperthandirt.com K-VAR.com is Now Selling The Zastava EZ9 EZ40 & EZ9 Compact As Of Feb 2012 www.k-var.com Official Zastava arms website : zastava-arms.co.rs Serbian and English language www.americanhandgunner.com www.cz99.org findarticles.com www.cruffler.com www.rrarms.com

The Arsenal AKs got me off the fence. I have been around AKs for many years but none moved me to purchase. Enter the Arsenal SGL 21 and SGL31, featuring close adherence to AK-74N specifications. Both are quality weapons that can motivate and excite the AK enthusiast. Close inspection of an Arsenal AK could very well turn you into a fan too. The Arsenal formula works on several levels for me: dogged adherence to Russian military technology, high attention to detail, completely new and unused components, full 922r compliancy with quality US Arsenal-produced parts, NATO length stocks sets available in great colors (Black, OD, Plum, Tan avail), reasonable pricing, and a light carry weight. These Arsenals are a collaborative effort between the Legion custom shop of the Izhmash AK factory in the City of Izhesk, Udmurt Republic, Russian. They arrive to the Arsenal factory as Saiga sporting rifles and then are restored to Russian military form. There are others that do this but Arsenal is my favorite so far because of the value achieved. Once the restoration is complete, the resulting SGL is an impressive piece with authentic, quality features that add interest, improve shootability, and reliability: an AK-74 style muzzle brake on 24×1.5mm RH threading, properly placed Russian markings to include Izmash factory logo (upward arrow in triangle) and no extraneous commercial markings, correct AK front sight and 90ยบ AK gas block (with vents), bayonet and accessory lugs, correct AK gas

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