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American Handgunner’s Dave Anderson test fires and discusses the features of Kimber’s Raptor II pistols as featured in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of American Handguuner.

The Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II Is Perfect For Concealing A Small .45 Cal. Aluminum, Alloy, Frame, Enjoy:) For A Custom Holster Click Here: http://armor…

www.youtube.com A short opinion on the Kimber Grand Raptor. Just touching on the highlights, not intended to be in depth review or a final word on this gun.

More HD paintball videos and news at www.socialpaintball.com Become our Fan on Facebook facebook.com We purchased a Brass Eagle Raptor pump-action paintball marker from Wal-Mart for $20 and decided to do a quick review and shooting test to see what the deal was. We made a spoof Brass Eagle Commercial highlight video of the Raptor akin to the DYE/Planet Eclipse highlight/promo commercials that are often released. lol. Hope you enjoy that part. The gun is made of plastic and feels like a cheap toy water gun you buy at a 99 cents/dollar store. It comes with a hopper (filled with a few old and hard paintballs), a barrel plug, 2 12 gram C02 cylinders and that’s about it. JT makes a decent cheap gun. The pump was not smooth at all, and as you will see in the video, the hopper fed 3 paintballs at once causing it to shoot 3 balls in one trigger pull. Although it’s a cheap below entry level gun, it’s definitely a great starter for that person interested in paintball. If they buy this for $20, a $20 mask, and $10 worth of paint, they can get a quick feel for the game at a low price and eventually start buying at their local pro shop. It would definitely be fun to go out into the field with this gun and see how you fare against those other expensive guns/markers. Please rate and subscribe if you you like. Thanks.

In this video I am going to take a look at a Kimber Raptor Custom II and a Dan Wesson RZ-45. Check out the articles and gun resources on my Blog: world-according-to-jim.blogspot.com

Raptor-Gaming LK1 review. Classic Game Room reviews the RAPTOR GAMING LK1 gaming keyboard with red letters on the WASD controls as well as red directional keys. Raptor Gaming LK-1 comes with a tool that allows you to easily remove keys (or swap them around) to customize the keyboard layout to play your favorite games without accidentally hitting the wrong keys. Features anti-ghost technology to fight evil spirits and poltergeists as well as ectoplasm because it’s water resistant!

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